SSI Air Dive Table

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The SSI air dive tables are Doppler No-Decompression Limits and Repatitive Group Designation Table for No-Decompression Air Dives. Based on the U.S. Navy dive tables and have been designed specifically for recreational diving.

The tables are designed to flow from one to the other in a continuous loop. When you are using the tables, be sure to use a ruler or a straight-edged object to read the numbers across and work your way from table to table.

This dive tables is composed of two tables:

  • Table 1 – No-Decompression Limits and Repetitive Group Designation Table for No-Decompression Air Dives
  • Table 2 – Residual Nitrogen Timetable for Repetitive Air Dives

SSI Air Dive Table screenshot

SSI Air Dive Table

Always seek consultation from a qualified Dive Instructor before using any information from this scuba manual.

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